Have you planned to buy a hero splendor plus 2019 model? Riding safely is the first responsibility of every individual who rides a bike. However, even sometimes without being on fault, one can get in trouble as the roads are full of senseless people who do not follow the basic rules in one way or another. In this case, instead of arguing with your opponent, it is better to keep a backup plan in your mind so that you can never face any difficulty in this case.

Assume the proper position

The position in which you fall plays an important role in how well you fare the crash itself. If you are able, hold onto the handlebars and then keep yourself upright. Sometimes, this action in itself can balance you out and it prevents a fall. The best mileage bike in India 220cc has a good option to avoid this type of incident because it helps you balance in a proper position. If you realize that you cannot avoid the fall, try to maintain the following position during a fall: hold onto the handlebars, keep the knee closest to the ground tucked into a bike and apply pressure on the inside of handlebars. By using a crash method, your dream bike ends absorbing some of an impact. Keep in mind that your elbows should be kept bent, but unlocked, as this will help you to easily transition into the roll later.

Don’t panic

Now you are on the side of the road, take a deep breath and try not to panic. If you can ride again, then move on. Suppose, if you are unable to ride, call an emergency number to pick you from the spot.

Check your body

If you think you are seriously injured, then don’t move. Make sure that you can feel and move all your limbs. Be careful standing and do not try to lift a bike until you are sure there are no injuries seriously. If your head hit the ground, then you may not be aware of a sustained head injury. Do not risk moving around if you think that you might be seriously injured. Always take at least a few minutes to assess your body condition.


  • Always wear the helmet and proper riding gear to prevent injuries.
  • Get your dream bike loaded with the necessary first aid kits all the time.
  • Keep a Xerox copy of your bike registration documents, your driving license and identity with your name, blood group, address, etc written on it.


  • Keep yourself calm and cool as losing your temper, it will make you fall in undesirable conditions.
  • Do not argue with the other person till the police officials reach the spot to avoid unnecessary fights.

Final thoughts

Therefore, these are certain tips you need to know during a bike crash. Follow the above mentioned tips, be safe and have a happy journey with your family and friends.