Do you ever imagine how much your car suffers because of environmental factors and pollution? Just like every other object, it also deserves proper treatment to stay clean and brand new. In this case, a regular car wash can never give your car a classy look. It would help if you did a bit extra while taking care of your vehicle. Auto detailing is the most appropriate treatment for your car if you want to secure a long time investment by restoring its beauty. 

What Is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing is all about deep cleaning your car. It involves cleaning and polishing of the whole vehicle using different types of products. The car gets wiped and polished from each direction, top and bottom, exterior, and then its entire interior is cleaned, including seats, mats, and dashboard. A car is thoroughly cleaned, protected, and polished in this process from every direction. Apart from the products, the usage of different tools gives your vehicle a fresh look. However, it does not involve replacing the full parts and paintwork.

Types of Auto Detailing

As auto detailing is not a simple and easy process, it is therefore done in two steps.

Exterior Auto Detailing

The exterior auto detailing has something different and much reliable to offer. It is not like the casual car wash. You get your car detailed, but it is beyond imagination. Exterior auto detailing involves the following steps. 

  • The car first gets washed using some high-quality products. It is cleaned thoroughly from its top, sides, glass, doors, and then rims and wheels. After the cleaning, the car is dried in the end.
  • After washing and drying, the next step is to use a clay bar because every impurity and dirt cannot be removed with just a wash. This clay bar removes the residues to ensure a more pure and thorough cleaning.
  • The polish is applied afterward so that your car doesn’t lose its charm. 
  • Wax is used in the end to seal the car’s glossy look after car detailing.

Interior Auto Detailing

  • The interior auto detailing involves many steps, some of which are mentioned below. 
  • The entire interior of the car is cleaned with the help of vacuuming. It sucks out minor dirt from seats and other congested parts of the interior. 
  • Some specific parts of a car require a different type of cleaning techniques. Steam is used for cleaning mats and carpets properly. After that, the dirt is removed with the help of the brush.
  • How could you ignore the interior glass of your car? A glass cleaner is sprinkled to clean the glass interior of your vehicle to retain its shine.
  • Leather soap and several products help to clean the leather seats of the vehicle. The foam is cleaned later with the help of a damp cloth.
  • The re-vacuuming is done to clear out any leftover dirt. The whole interior is wiped once again. 
  • In the end, the car is scented with beautiful fragrances as a final touch.

Why Is It Important? 

Auto detailing is important to be done at least once in three months. If you’re unaware of its importance, here are some reasons to know why.

  • It keeps the car just like new
  • It helps extend the lifespan of the car 
  • The engine of the car works better and stays cooler
  • It also helps your car get an amazing appearance

How Much Auto Detailing Costs?

Auto detailing is not a very common type of cleaning. It has high-end steps involved in the procedure that gives your car a new life. The market price of auto detailing can cost you around $50 to $75. These are the most basic packages that are perfect for small cars. Further, there are different rates for sports or expensive cars, such as $100 and more. It also depends upon the professionalism and name of the company you are getting auto detailing services. The advanced packages may go up to $150.

Why Are the Charges High?

The charges for auto detailing are high for a reason. It is not an easy or smooth process to deep clean the whole car. The charges vary from packages to the quality of the service provided. Moreover, it is a tough and time-consuming job. Unlike other types of car cleaning techniques, this one is done by hand. Despite using automatic machines that clean up the whole car, the experts still do it all by themselves. That is why it costs more than any regular car wash.


Auto detailing is undoubtedly the future of car cleaning. It has countless benefits that one should consider. It is an excellent, durable, and long-lasting way to keep your car new and show worthy forever. However, the cost of auto detailing being expensive gets justified after the jaw-dropping results. Every car truly deserves such fine and deep cleaning that keeps it shiny and glossy till ages.